What’s Next?

The state and federal governments are grappling with health care, immigration, budget deficits and bailouts. The American people need leadership, results and advocates in Tallahassee and DC. Once a politician is sent to represent the people, that politician should drop the party line and represent the all of the people. That’s not what happens. Politicians walk the “party line” and cave to special interest groups and lobbyists. The American people need immediate action on the economy. Truth is, most policies out of state capitals and DC do relatively little to create real jobs. It’s the American people that create the demand and create the jobs. If you have a job, thank your employer. Most of the policies that government implements hinder economic development. This is not to say the policies are flawed. We require oversight of business to make sure the workplace is a safe environment. What is required is a partnership between business and government. Government officials need to have business acumen in order to understand how free enterprise works. Too many are lifetime government employees. Thank them for their service, let them retire and collect a pension. It’s time to put leaders in place that understand how jobs are created and sustained. Environmental policy: encourage green technology and fine polluters. It’s that simple. Job Creation: lower taxes and reward quality employers. What’s next? Hopefully something better than the last two years.

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