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  • Proposed Moratorium on Impact Fees

    A new Facebook  group called Moratorium on Polk County Impact Fees  is advocating a 1 to 2 year moratorium on impact fees in order to stimulate job creation and economic growth.   According to the Lakeland Ledger, “one of the prime movers is Lakeland lawyer Robert Stanz, who has been lobbying commissioners lately arguing as the […]

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  • Innovation Environmental Park Approved by B.O.C.C.

    Results: County commissioners voted 3-2 to approve the proposed Recycling Landfill located on near County Road 640 next to the large Mosaic phosphate facility and gypsum stacks. Tom Mims plans to construct a $35 million combination landfill and recycling facility on 800 acres of his property.    The property is surrounded by lands designated as industrial and […]

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  • Polk County to consider Animal regulation

    According to County Commissioner Ed Smith, Polk County is one of the few counties in the State of Florida that does not regulate the number of farm animals that a landowner may keep on his or her property. Due to the number of complaints received by the County regarding issues related to livestock being kept […]

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  • Florida is “Ground Zero” for Tobacco Litigation

    Florida juries continue to find in favor of plaintiffs in recent Big Tobacco lawsuits.  Recently, a jury in Ft. Lauderdale awarded $15 million in damages to the family of Margot Putney, a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer in 1995.  The defendants’ negligence and product defect were the legal cause of Margot Putney’s death according to the jury.   Damages were […]

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  • County Commission Transmits IEP Comp. Plan Amendment to DCA for Approval

    Results: $35 Million Project On Feb 18, 2010, the Polk County Commission voted 3-2 in favor of the proposed land use change  submitted by Innovation Environmental Park (IEP). The land use change was transmitted to the Dept of Community Affairs for further review. A second vote will be held by the County Commission in June […]

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  • Firm Help Victims of Big Tobacco

    Results: $221,278.63 As part of a settlement reached after the Engle lawsuit, attorney Robert J. Stanz assisted several families recover over two hundred thousand dollars from a trust fund set aside for members of the Engle class action. Most of  the clients were unaware of  the trust fund, despite the publicity in the media. Smokers or the […]

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