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  • Impacts: To Fee or Not to Fee, that is the Question!

    Special interest groups are attempting to persuade the Polk County BOCC to raise impact fees. During the real estate boom, impact fees were increased and the County prospered. At this time, growth is stifled, new construction is virtually non-existent and unemployment is at record levels. There is a misconception that “developers” are pillaging the land […]

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  • BOCC Approves Land Use Change for Campground

    Results: Undi$closed After a unanimous planning commission recommendation for approval, the Polk  County Board of County Commissioners approved a landowner’s request to change the land use designation from residential to Leisure/Recreation.    The 12 acre parcel is located 4.2 miles north of Interstate 4 on Wilder Road and US-98N.  Proposed uses include hotel, campground, RV resort, […]

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  • What’s Next?

    The state and federal governments are grappling with health care, immigration, budget deficits and bailouts. The American people need leadership, results and advocates in Tallahassee and DC. Once a politician is sent to represent the people, that politician should drop the party line and represent the all of the people. That’s not what happens. Politicians […]

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  • Polk County Real Estate Council to Dissolve

    The Polk Real Estate Council will be dissolving according to the President I. Weston Wheeler. The Polk REC was a group of professionals involved in the real estate trade, dedicated to professionalism and quality legal services for the Real Estate industry. Members of Polk REC have the choice of transferring their membership to either the […]

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  • County Approves Land Use Change for Office Park

    Results: UNDI$CLOSED The Polk County Commission unanimously approved a change from RS and RL4 to Office Center on 5 acres on 540A.   The Planning Commission voted 4-2 in favor of the project.  The road was recently widened to four lanes and the change demonstrates new urbanism and smart growth.  The property owner, Karl Pansler, anticipates constructing […]

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  • Landowner Request Approved for Neighborhood Activity Center

    Results: UNDI$CLOSED A nine+ acre parcel located at the intersection of Wilder Road and US98N was approved for commercial uses.  The farm tract has approximately 900 feet of frontage on 98N and is located directly across from a Circle K gas station.  Permitted uses include, but are not limited to church, grocery store, gas station, bank, mini-storage […]

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